Get a good hosting finally!

Trough the 20 years I’m in this bussiness I went trough dozens of webhostings.
Sure, one of the premiss is that I’m central European based and so my clients are, maybe yours too.

Why good hosting matters?

Well, ask your self how much you pay your programmer per hour. Now consider a website move that takes hours as the hosting has obsolete and unsecure FTP only, or hosting that has SSH and the programmer can do the same job in 15 minutes. And that is just a fraction of where you can save time=money when you choose a good hosting.

I’m talking about simple basic hosting for clients who do not want to run full stack solution. Digital Ocean is great, but that is a different level that this.

Here is the list and my findings. I have not touched every corner of every mentioned hosting indeed, this is what I found while working with it, not study their service tru an tru.

US based hostings with their pros and cons for us.



one of my favorite choice If my client base would be in US and not in Europe. There were always sweet to me, over 10 years. They are those who set my values up. SFTP is must, SSH is crucial, good support is needed, clever howtos always help. Git is good to have. “Unlimited domains to host”, “Unlimited” space. Lots of good features, like wp-cli build in.

It’s too far, the gap over the ocean matters.


I mean they have the “Unlimited” rules too. Which is still far beyond any Czech and many other European hostings.

Some might say an alternative to Dreamhost, I found their admin UI clumsy and so not my choice, the do have SFTP, and I believe SSH too. Plus they are based in US too, meaning slow page load init.


Big, stable, and all. Plus they finally have European data center, sweet, and I believe fast too.

At that time when I had anything on Godaddy the UI was super polluted which is something that matters a lot to me.
Plus they are too big to my taste.

Europe (basically Germany)


Pros: Europe based and so the initial page load is good.
Here starts the European weirdness. In US they have almost everything Unlimited, in Europe you pay for every bit of everything. Why? I don’t know.

Bit too expensive.

(I can’t say more I had only 2 clients on so far, and It was always relieve to logout.)

Czech based



Don’t know any.

You cannot choose PHP version. They lack couple PHP libraries you need nowadays, no SSH, no SFTP.. what is this for?
You pay for everything you have in US based hosting as Unlimited, if they actually have it. Limited space.


They are stable.
Let’s call it “You saw it in TV”.

No sftp, tho SSH, Git one huge obsolete hosting. Not speaking of their admin UI. Welcome in 90′.
It was never my thing.
You pay for everything you have in US based hosting as Unlimited. Horrible support as is custom in Czech in general.

Česky hosting

They do have limited SSH, which is nice to see in this neighbourhood.

The administration is clunky.
Again, you pay for everything you have in US based hosting as Unlimited.


They are maybe first who have something like unlimited but for one domain only (not like US hostings unlimited domains and such.)

No SSH and never will. You pay for every bit extra….again.
Their Administration is mad!
You need to fix file permissions on their hosting form time to time or you won’t have proper file access – there is something nasty going on.
Again, you pay for everything you have in US based hosting as Unlimited.


SSH, GIT. They used to have good multihosting, no more!

They double the price quite often. Unstable.

Active 24

SFTP at least. Stable.

I don’t know why, but I kinda like what they ofter and how these days. But again , you pay for everything you have in US based hosting as Unlimited.


I don’t know any,

Welcome in early 90′. It makes me crazy to set up something in their admin.
And yet again, you pay for everything you have in US based hosting as Unlimited.


Who knows?

Again, you pay for everything you have in US based hosting as Unlimited.

I tried also some already dead hostings like which transforms it self every-now and then to something else, They even kicked off their clients as they did not wont to update from PHP 5.4 or what. And rather established another branch. They sit on good net spine that is their advantage, but their business strategy…oh man.
There were couple more I do not remember now, but they also do not matter today.


US based again, this time with datacenter in Europe



SSH, GIT, PHP settings CPanel (I don’t like cpanel, but it works). Lovely support team. LiteSpeed server , so good !
Sort of unlimited (300 000 inodes, depends on the Hosting type)
Blazing fast, I have never seen such fast page initial load ever – in PHP world.
(I mean try Elixir language which start not in ms but micro seconds, again this is completely different beast.).
LiteSpeed and their focus on this topic is the key.
I’m super pleased by that.
Europe located server ;) and that is what we need, right?

Their Let’s Encrypt integration fails from time to time.
Aggressive Firewall, it can kick you out in the middle of the work just like that.

Green Geeks seems like good blend of all necessary.
Fast stable and lot of everything.
A solid PHP hosting for developers.
Furthermore, it’s incomparably cheeper with tools you hardly find in Czech hostings.



As you can see it is not easy to choose hosting, and yet, every client comes with their hosting payed already while knowing zero about this technology and the needs.
Do us a favor.
Let the programmer choose the hosting and save yourself money and time to both of us.