“Artyčok TV is an online platform, a database of audiovisual material in the form of exhibitions reports, artists’ profiles, and lectures by theorists and artists. It has become a unique source of information for artists and art school students, as well as for general public having an interest in contemporary art.”

Since 2006, when the former Artyčok.TV founders asked me to build the first editable version, we have gone through countless continuous reworks and through 3 major redesigns, plus many related projects.
Here is the brief overview.


The whole project started with CESNET grant that let us use their streaming server and we started to stream art videos in HD. In 2006.


The project had grown, the Windows Media Player proofed to be useless and it was replaced by the Flash streaming server. More and more content was coming and more and more users were watching.

That was in 2008.

Rolling stones

Co-workers from many countries joined, a lot of material was coming to be sorted out.
Viewers needed bilingual content throughout the whole website.

The portal had over 3500 artists recorded and many times more articles. We kept pace with Youtube and we used a scalable player, with subtitles along from which you could jump straight to the place where it had been said. All videos were in both streaming and downloadable formats (99% free under Creative Commons share Alike license), users could embed videos to their websites.
The portal ran from over 3 parallel servers interconnected with the online administration. Everything was connected with everything, the open event portal knocked on the door.

That was in 2010.

Time for change

Not even the strongest wind blows forever.
It was about time to let others rock their way.

That was in 2012.

Back to reality

The Internet was not enough for us. We needed a real thing!
Artyčok.TV created a network of schools in the Czech Republic and abroad. We implemented real TV boxes where the content was streamed “non-stop” to real people.