Get a good hosting finally!

Trough the 20 years I’m in this bussiness I went trough dozens of webhostings. Sure, one of the premiss is that I’m central European based and so my clients are, maybe yours too. Why good hosting matters? Well, ask your self how much you pay your programmer per hour. Now consider a website move that […]

Mithril is fun

m stands for simple, minimal and performative. And it is a lot of fun.

My jsme obraz rewritten

Just a short note. If you really wanna run a fast extendable website never use Divi or other clumsy website builders. Never let anybody do a website on such thing! Let it do somebody who do it the right way. My jsme obraz that loaded dozens seconds gets its proper speed and look finally.   […]

Google maps API, the bank account killer

As you might have seen somewhere the Google maps API turns in to purely commercial tool. Which is expected but it can cause unexpected expenses on your side. Say you are a programmer with dozen or hundreds clients who uses Google maps under your API naturally, as you are the programmer and you set it […]

Cloud Backup: CrashPlan > Carbonite > Acronis

We all do backups right :) Ideally remote with data correction not a bunch of files on external hard drive without data consistency check. Initial data First and foremost.. I’m in Europe and use Mac OS and so all what I say heavily influenced by that. If you have same setup, this might be bit […]