Cloud Backup: CrashPlan > Carbonite > Acronis

We all do backups right :) Ideally remote with data correction not a bunch of files on external hard drive without data consistency check. Initial data First and foremost.. I’m in Europe and use Mac OS and so all what I say heavily influenced by that. If you have same setup, this might be bit […]

When clients design their website

This is always fun. I mean fun if you look at it from distance, less fun if you actually have to deal with it. A client who wanna build an aircraft.. Aircraft you say, why aircraft… you’ll see. You know, I want to make an aircraft, I saw the Tesla car and and I think […] – next iteration

I’m not fancy of any cleaning, coz if you start you realized you should rather do it all from scratch. And that also happened with the where they wanted to do a small redesign and realized all has changed from the ground up. The result looks almost the same as the previous website, but it’s […]

wp cli – bulk post meta update

When the time comes and you need to update meta data for zillion of your posts at once dandy script is handy. One think is to write a php script with a simple query but if you have zillion posts you’ll hit the php time execution or other limits, and stay frustrated. Lets forget about […]

JLBJLT re-written & re-designed

Yo! It has been some time already since I first touch that web with few tweaks in PHP at that day. Since then lot a water flew off and we rethought all from ground zero. All parts were torn in to pieces and refurbished like an old piano. Although we are still not finished with […]