wp cli – bulk post meta update

When the time comes and you need to update meta data for zillion of your posts at once dandy script is handy. One think is to write a php script with a simple query but if you have zillion posts you’ll hit the php time execution or other limits, and stay frustrated. Lets forget about […]

JLBJLT re-written & re-designed

Yo! It has been some time already since I first touch that web with few tweaks in PHP at that day. Since then lot a water flew off and we rethought all from ground zero. All parts were torn in to pieces and refurbished like an old piano. Although we are still not finished with […]

Na ovoce ~ redesign

Hou hou, my rabbits. Bit of redesign here. I mean … anyway. We have been working on this beast for a while on and off, mostly on heavily, but.. you know. Katka came with a need to retouch the web and make it more editable based on her needs. As we had some good experiences […]


The time unravels like Abbey Lincolns voice and the shapes of our memories is blurry and unreadable. It is time for a small recap.

CMS ~ WordPress

As the web project evolves the structure gets complicated. The work is full connections and repeated code. We have to keep it all in head and it is hard to maintain. The menu is a first example of a part that will be nice to have dynamic. Have same across all the website reflecting the […]