Bootstrap 3 – Easy way

Those who use my Easy WordPress Loop widget builder and even those who used my previous version “2046’s loop widget” knows that from the very beginning I have been emphasizing the Bootsrap scaffolding structure. Bootstrap is the most contemporary template framework, that lets you build the web in an instant. Once you get used to the […]

WordPress wizard – wp-cli

Managing WordPress is pretty easy. The easy install process in most cases through “one click installs” let us run WordPress in no time. Installing plugins if you know which you need ideally have them marked as favorites on the makes it even easier.

Easy 0.8

It has not been that long since I have published Easy version 0.74,, couple days later new version 0.8 waits for you in the WordPress repo. The new version has no new bricks or any new visible feature as some would like to see. All the features are pretty stable and sufficient for most of […]

Easy showcase

Picture better thousand words, video better thousand pictures. This small video shows you a basic usage of the my Easy plugin for WordPress.

How to design the “Easy” output

Here is another tutorial focusing on the work with Easy plugin. Once you learn few tricks how to show the content of your website on the front-end (the publicly visible side of your website) you might wonder how to design it. Yes if you play with the Easy it somehow follows the rules of the […]