CMS ~ WordPress

As the web project evolves the structure gets complicated. The work is full connections and repeated code. We have to keep it all in head and it is hard to maintain. The menu is a first example of a part that will be nice to have dynamic. Have same across all the website reflecting the […]

Turn HTML into a Photoshop

Here we are again. Fighting with the code making it graphical pleasing. Where are the days of the Dreamweaver were we thrown the images on the surface and all the gibberish were written for us automatically? The are gone, Luckily gone.


It might seams that we did nothing so far. Learn what HTML, CSS and maybe Java script is for, and prepared the design concept. But that is a lot, and yet not enough. The speed of light is bit too much for a human to handle, and so lets pause a bit and recap what we […]

Get and work on local server

The web project has more than one page now. The structure clearly shows that there are parts that are shared across all of them, and it will be super tedious to change this part in each of them every time we do a small change to these part/s. Concretely the menu. Load parts of the […]

Fonts, menu and bit of structure

Let me remind you the importance of the knowledge of the structure traversing. It is important in any cases such as image, style, font, file, page linking. Everywhere where you have to point to a specific file within the local or remote structure. In other words always. Get familiar with it. I tried to explain it […]