Here comes the Bootstrap, once we find the right path though.

It’ll be short today. Bootstrap, we heard this name zillion times already. We even used it. But did we really know what we have done and how? I don’t feel so. First I figured out is one general confusion. And that is the path in project. Kinda weird to mention this thing that far in […]


HTML is grade for many reasons. It is simply structured, easy to read, easy to write. You ca even make links to other websites and connect the page with the world wide web. In addition the CSS makes the experience much appealing to the human eye. But what if you want to show certain parts […]


The presentation is tricky thing. Presentation derives from the content of the website, the character of the work. It is different for visual photography based content and different for text based. And not just that what you have to consider is the the receiver, people whom you want to address, their age and cultural background. In […]

Transform all with ease

Once upon a time there was a Flash.  A tool for web artisans who felt HTML is boring, And it was in a way, back then. At the same time some people thought that the Close source is rigid and it slows down the evolution. And they were right.. The web went wide open, the openness […]


There is a rule in programming. The rule is called DRY, Don’t – Repeat – Yourself. Repetition is mother of learning and also source of mistakes. It is time consuming and requires some knowledge Sure, repetition is mother of learning,  but only once you get the knowledge then you make it DRY. This rule applies to […]