Czech hostings are crap

I know it won’t help to anything, but… Quote me if you like: “All the main Czech hostings are Crap. Let’s be concrete and say it loud. Forpsi, Wedos, Active24, and the like, all of them.“ Why? Because they offer simple FTP only. Some of them even lets you pay for every extra database and gives you a […]

Prague Wordcamp 2016 is nocking on the door

Prague third WordPress Wordcamp will take place n VŠE, February 22. Lectures will be divided in to two parallel streams, beginners and developers. Beginners will find lectures about Copywriting, Analytics, SEO, security as well as something about templates and why the commercial templates are useless at the end. Lectures for developers will be focused mainly on new WordPress REST-API. “Czech” […]

Say “NO” to WordPress auto updates!

Why I hate auto updates? The updates supposed to be here in order to keep you up to date, safe a “shiny”. It helps you to patch the security holes in your system (web), basically make it harder for hackers to hack your site. Well, let’s remind our selfs what hack is.

WP conference in Hluboká nad Vltavou

Like many times before another czech WP conference will happen again in Hluboká nad Vltavou (3th October), where I’ll be presenting an alternative way how to withstand heavy load and basically make your website bulletproof, save you headache and money too. How? The old school way via top notch technology. Serving the static version of your website thru Amazon […]

Cannot delete files/folders with www-data user owner?

Unfortunately not all hostings give you shell access and some of them are even screwed up and you end up with folder and files you cannot delete. The server doesn’t run the php scripts as your user but as global user for example www-data. Because of that you have no permission to delete or rename the […]