“The graphical programming user interface for WordPress.”

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Easy is a widget base graphical representation of template functions with access to all content parts and bits of your content. With Easy you can build entire site within admin interface without knowing PHP programming. Easy is good for anybody who does not want to spend time with unnecessary coding.

You can build your website easily just by dragging content elements of the post, page, attachment or any other content type to a place you want.
Control when and why this or that part has to be shown and wrap it in your own class so that it matches your design.
All these settings are done easily by dropping the view or control brick to its slot and you are done.
No coding necessary.

Documentation is divided into parts based on the logical parts of the widget: General, View and Control.

An easy API is ready for those who would like to extend Easy beyond imagination.

For those who would like to build their website based on the Easy widget and do not know which theme to choose,
I made a raw widgetized template as well→ Easy template.

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