The General settings will either help you to administer Easy widgets or help you to wrap the whole widget output into a scaffolding structure.

Widget front end title

All widget are wrapped in in the default scaffold you determine in the function.php when you register sidebar.
If you did not make these things your self or don’t know how to use it the next settings will be much more handy.

The title is wrapped by default in h4 HTML tag, which is not what we always need and mostly if you do not specify the text title an empty h4 is put in the place of header, which is even worst. The Easy handles these thing in much cleaner way.

Widget admin title

This title is here only and solely just for administrative purposes. Have you ever noticed the secondary widget title, which makes things much serene? This title is generally taken from the widget title.. but what if we want to give widget a name but not render it on frontend?

Then this title is the thing you are looking for.

Widget description

If you get crazy and you many Easy widgets at one, which is pretty obvious once you learn how to use them, then it becomes bit messy and after some time is hard to find the intention of this or that widget.

The description makes it much clearer.

Scafolding type

The widget is wrapped in some div structure. Each content of the loop as well.
How this structure is made is the result of this select box.

There are 3 types

  • Default scaffolding – the obvious widget div structure you are accustomed from the common widgets (defined in functions.php; before widget, after widget and such [more on WordPress]).
  • One per row – each looped result is wrapped in the Row class and right inside it is Column class. If you set in controls that you want to see for example 10 posts then each of them will be wrapped like that..sounds stupid? There are cases when it is the perfect solution ;)
  • Many per row– The most handy and used div structure. The whole widget is wrapped in one class Row class and then each looped content in Column class.

Row class

Your own class. If you want to use more then one write one after the other separated by space. In Bootstrap it might be something like row

Column class

Your own class. If you want to use more then one write one after the other separated by space. In Bootstrap it’ll be something like span3

note: What is Boostrap? Bootsrap is the best Scaffolding framework out there. If you build your own website and want to do it quick. Use Boostrap. Believe me. Once you get used to it, everything else will make no sense to you.

Scaffolding structures


One per row

Many per row