World weather – WWO

A WordPress Weather widget

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You might want to know

Where do you get the weather forecast from?

Why did you make another Weather widget?

Well, we ( were using the ICIT Weather widget for a while and when it stopped to work I went ahead and “fix” it.

Can I use the bundled images for free?


Even on commercial project?


How many image packages are built in?


What if I want to use my own icons?

It’s easy, make your own and put them in the sub-folder of the “images” folder in the plugin directory. Refresh the widget admin screen. You’ll find your pack in the “Image set” menu.
(good source of icons are: or
Check how the bundled images how they are done, and follow this naming structure:

Possible weather cases (images are named: 395.png – and thumbnails: 395-thumb.png)

And what about the weather informations?

If you want to use this widget you have to first get the API from’t wary it’s free, just follow the WWO Policy (