Czech hostings are crap

I know it won’t help to anything, but…
Quote me if you like: All the main Czech hostings are Crap. Let’s be concrete and say it loud. Forpsi, Wedos, Active24, and the like, all of them.

Why? Because they offer simple FTP only. Some of them even lets you pay for every extra database and gives you a few Megs or few Gigs for a data. Some of them like Active 24 have a limit for number of files.. but no, none of them gives you SFTP, or SSH connection. .. “so You wanna SSH”.. “get your VPS” …why the hell should I have VPS for such basal thing. C’mon it’s 21 century!

I mean, WTF.. look on most of the hostings all over. All normal hostings gives you at least SFTP. But no, In Czech we still use primarily and entirely unsecure protocol.. I do not understand why it still exists anyway. It should be banished as like Morse code. . as useless and even dangerous.

If you are reading this line and look for simple but good mature hosting, I give you advise.. get the hosting on It is small scaleable hosting with SSH, with git out of the box and nice support… It might sound stupid to make advertisement here but I give a discount to all who comes with with SSH hosting for their presentation! Coz I hate to waste my hours of life because of all the crapy Czech hostings.