Interactive Media – Introduction

Interactive media, right?
Whats that?
Everything is reactive, right?
Sure, but how to make something interact in a way others will understand and serve them well? That is the task we will address within our course.

Everybody wanna be cool and make a outstanding design. But grate design is grate only when people understand what is it for and how to use it. And when it works!
How to pull all those bits to a compact whole? Well it is simple, we have to understand and master the common rules first and then shift the experience further, not the other way around.
And so, we will learn the rules of interaction, acknowledge the differences between passive and interactive medium and will learn what makes interactive product functional or malfunctional.

Although physical object are still the best interactive medium it is also the most expensive to build. Fortunately we live in the Internet age which is a grate playground where we can build and test, do and redo with almost no cost.
Therefore our interaction will stay mainly within the Interweb domain and we will master this space.

Master the game:

As kids we have explored the world around by playing with the the world around us and will do the same in this course. The course will lead you through game development which gives you valuable experience of how the Interactive media works, what tools to use and most importantly enhance your creative workflow.

Source of knowledge follows…

Stay up to date, learn from giants: – leading resource of web design trends – 365 best of the best websites every year – data visualization done right – reliable tips and tricks in CSS and more

Game catchers in web-design:

Some of the “local” Sources of Interactive Art: it comes to interactivity of any kind the AEC is the place to go The Intermedia school – Prague hacker space center focusing mostly on multimedia art multimedia guru – nice examples of simple and complex interactive projects sound based art game devel n.1 – the power of simplicity, if you haven’t play it yet – grate interpretation of a malfunction

Web game engines and more – if you wanna be serious – I guess you’ll love this .. don’t be afraid and tweak it! – library for artisans – svg is simply grate

Interesting huh?
So many stuff to learn, but impossible to learn all at once. That is why we will do something more simple but not less interesting. Here are couple small interactive demos with more realistic goal;

Lets get real: – a simple interface helping to understand relations that are hard to grasp otherwise. – double strike. Playful teaching instrument. Perfect example of meaningful interaction. CSS Learning tool. although we are not gonna learn Ruby on Rails this zombie way is really fun

Extras: is the master pice from 80′. A learning tools of a programming language Karel made by Google