Na ovoce ~ redesign

Hou hou, my rabbits. Bit of redesign here.
I mean … anyway.

We have been working on this beast for a while on and off, mostly on heavily, but.. you know.
Katka came with a need to retouch the web and make it more editable based on her needs. As we had some good experiences from other projects we have done lately together she asked me to redo it.
Well I did not take a lot a time to give her a positive answer. 
The fun part of the whole project is that it is bit more complex that it might seams, connected to the Interweb and the user pocket devices and such. The core written in Django, which is a nice snake kind, but bit too heavy on the bottom. It made the whole work bit harder. Especially if you take in to an account that she wanted to redesign not just the web which is just matter of time these days but she wanted give bit of facelift to the map as well. Heaving the experience from the Auto*Mat‘s maps the makeup went kinda well, especially when I have been given the opportunity to touch the core more closely and were able to do the stuff my own way.

And so after some pulls and pushes of a fork here and there we release it to the day light.
The release might have been a good push forward on the two previous occasions it was meant to be released, but thanks to some circumstances it has been released now, thrown kinda in the air without any real entry. That’t the way how it goes.

Here it is. The result of passion and love, the na-ovoce website.