When clients design their website

This is always fun. I mean fun if you look at it from distance, less fun if you actually have to deal with it.
A client who wanna build an aircraft.. Aircraft you say, why aircraft… you’ll see.

You know, I want to make an aircraft, I saw the Tesla car and and I think the electro motors are awesome, they run the full speed all the time and you just ask for more and it goes faster. I want that in my airplane, coz nobody has that!
Sure when nobody has that, it is good reason to do it that way right..?

And You know all airplanes are boringly white, I hate white, I wan’t it black, You know dark ghost, that would be cool…
Sure that would nicely cook all the people inside you say to your self.

You know the wings – they are all narrow, That is absolutely boring. Lets make them like birds have them. Nature knows why they have it this way. The aircraft designers must be all stupid.. ..birds are not white either.
Yep, sure they know less about these things that you know, sure..

You know what, I think we should make the wings all vertical.. that way the aircrafts can fly next to one another and people can see what others do in the next aircraft and they can call to one another or better share images over Instagram. Awesome!
Yea, I think you should become a aircraft builder your self you just found the hole in the market.

And what about the seats and user comfort you ask.
Yea, sure, I like how Ikea has that all minimalistic and clean, you know all well done pure, high-end like. We can get those.
High demands with fine tuned style…

Do you have a list of your services? That helps us to get started.
Not yet, but that is nothing hard, you can just ..