Cloud Backup: CrashPlan > Carbonite > Acronis

We all do backups right :)

Ideally remote with data correction not a bunch of files on external hard drive without data consistency check.

Initial data

First and foremost.. I’m in Europe and use Mac OS and so all what I say heavily influenced by that. If you have same setup, this might be bit of help to you, else its up to you.


I started with the CrashPlan couple years ago. Although the process has been painfully slow. The 500GB took 2 moths to back up, yes two months the backup saved my ass couple times. First when I broke the partition head on hard drive and needed to format the hard drive afresh. Fortunately all the data were backed up already and it took some weeks to get it back. Nobody needs all the 500GB back right away, and so I just scheduled the most important first and the rest I do not use that often were downloaded afterwards, no problem. Later I worked on a project sever hours and accidentally deleted the file.. hours of clicking, and most importantly days of work before and a unique thing gone, horrible. The CrashPlan has it and multiple version, as it has version tracking.. awesome, and later few more times the same.

Since then I know, if I break my computer or will be stolen, My data exists and are reachable.
Yes it costs money, but way way less than what it saved me.


As CrashedPlan kicked out all common users we are obliged to moved way. They suggest Carbonite.
Carbonite unlike CrashPlan has data centres in Europe, which means faster upload/recovery all.
So I tried it out. Simple install, simple start, Europe location, all should be nice right?

Well since the I installed Carbonite on the computer went nuts and slow as hell. The Carbonite daemon ate almost 4GB of the ram and the upload was slow no matter the data centre this time located in Europe. After couple weeks I have backed up few Gigs.
So I searched a bit and realised I’m not alone. Other people have had same problem on Macs and so I looked for another solution.

I found couple more, focused on Location and price and data space.
I liked IDrive but it did not like my card which is mandatory even for free account. Nobody picked up the phone. well their fault.


I saw in comparison tables also Acronis which I did not like at first as it is heavily PC oriented but later I realised they actually make the TeamViewer which I had good experience with.
After couple tries to get around thru their puzzling UI and various account management as they are split in to multiple places and multiple products without any obvious connections.
After many BackupAgent downloads and installs where it always said it cannot connect to the backup server (BackupAgents is what they want you to download for that matter. I obviously did something wrong. What? I don’t know, you figure) I downloaded AcronisTrueImage and that was it.
A was able to set up what I want to back up and the backup was running.
(Comparison table of True Image and Backup)

Acronis true image

A was curious about two things, the CPU/Memory consumption and speed.
The Acronis daemon, ate about few KB and now while it runs a day already it eats about 250MB and their special agent another 250MB, later just 50MB and 50MB its other part.. see the difference 3GB and 20-500MB. My fan has not started since I removed the Carbonite from my computer.. not talking about the CPU, as I do not remember the real numbers, but the Carbonite definitely ate more than it should as the fan ran the whole time.
The speed? Well this is great as well. After a day I have a half of all data backed up. Not like Carbonite few GB after weeks and CrashPlan months all.
The Acronis has something like Archive, “no limit” for your data usage (as IDrive has 1TB for the most reasonable offer) Acronis can even save the Image of my hard drives for later whole restore which is super sweet. If I had that after my partition experience .) It could be all back as like nothing happens in minutes or a day…
You can even share selected files publicly, super sweet, no WeTransfer needed.
They are not for beginners. The ease of use of their UI and overloaded Knowledge base makes it all even harder.
But once you pass thru it works great .. so far. :)

No worries again.