Google maps API, the bank account killer

As you might have seen somewhere the Google maps API turns in to purely commercial tool. Which is expected but it can cause unexpected expenses on your side.

Say you are a programmer with dozen or hundreds clients who uses Google maps under your API naturally, as you are the programmer and you set it all up for them.

Now starting from the June 11 2018 you need to have your card listed in your account and pay for all expenses your clients create. Isn’t it awesome?

I for example don’t think so, as I have been charged hundreds $ lately out of the blue, just like that.

What might comes handy are two settings

Set Budget Alerts
The budget alert send you alert when a project goes nuts, but only alerts!

Capping API Usage
I guess this is what all of us are looking for. The cap.
Limit the project resources before they break your bank.