Easy 0.8

It has not been that long since I have published Easy version 0.74,, couple days later new version 0.8 waits for you in the WordPress repo.
The new version has no new bricks or any new visible feature as some would like to see.
All the features are pretty stable and sufficient for most of the work we need. The missing part of the plugin has been the input field security. Though everything you do with this widget is happening behind the scene covered by the native WordPress security it is not enough.
Security is never enough, unless you let your life completely open and face it straight :)

To be more concrete, each input or any setting you set up in the Easy plugin (widget) is sanitized. The only difference for you might be that if you save  field where you should write only numbers and you make typo the typo disappears :). It wont let you save strings that does’t suppose to be there.