Say “NO” to WordPress auto updates!

Why I hate auto updates?

The updates supposed to be here in order to keep you up to date, safe a “shiny”. It helps you to patch the security holes in your system (web), basically make it harder for hackers to hack your site.

Well, let’s remind our selfs what hack is.

Hack, more appropriate word would be crack actually.. anyway, let say that the “problem is any unwanted change to your site.
That is exactly what auto-update is!
It’s like being hacked within.
In sane environment, there should never change anything by it’s will, without you to know about it..

If there is a new version of WordPress. you should not rush for it right a way and blindly install it, just like that. This is completely stupid, and you just ask for problems.
The right way is to test the web on safe place first and if that all works fine with all your code, plugins and such, only then you can push the new WordPress whatever to live. It is called staging, and it is a completely crucial feature in all mature systems.
In this field WordPress behaves as stupid like Microsofts Windblows that starts to update itself right before your presentation.. Grate.. this is really what we want, be crippled in the name of security.

Here are basic definitions how to disable this auto-hacking feature.

If you know WordPress enough have access to the wp-config.php, define:


If you want to have the change persistent along your plugin, or template, add filter. to your functions.php (in theme case), or anywhere in your plugin.

add_filter( 'automatic_updater_disabled', '__return_true' );

If hacker hacks my site, that’s fine. I know the “bad” guy did that. But when my supplier (WordPress) hacks itself, it is like when police break into my house and change my lock because they happened to be out of date in order to keep me safe.. even worst on trimester basis.
No, thanks!