“Mothership” of all Prague cyclists and tree huggers

The Auto*Mat website was not the first, but it became the center of all.
Auto*Mat has many sub-projects with their own websites. All the main sub-projects are connected with this “mother ship” which is collecting all the hot news from its satellites.

The website is completely built from custom made widgets and it is easily customizable based on ever-changing needs.


Live well, live longer

One of the Auto*Mat’s biggest project “Zažít město jinak” with over a decade long history.

The project, as well as its website, is visited by masses. The event is creative and has a great reputation.
One aspect of this project is the fresh design every year of anything you can think of.
Fortunately, the website is able “to take on any coat” keeping its “flesh and bones” intact.


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Prahou na kole

The website brings cyclo, car and Prague related news.
Nominated for “Křišťálová Lupa” in 2012.

Giant in a clean suit

It is 2015, the project “Zažít město jinak” grows and grows. The internal editors can no longer handle all the entries by themselves. There are about 500 events, all of them with various data from many sources that have to be filled in quickly.
The website has been enhanced by front end administration where participants can load their data and fill in everything needed into the right fields.

The giant needed an amazon help.

The website could be simply a mess with so many data, but we managed to keep it clean and simple.

And again

Funny how complex things can be done easily.
If one is able to change some habits, the new way make the work not twice but at least five times faster.

What is this design iteration? Fifth or sixth. I don’t even wanna know.

  • 2046
  • Michal Vetruský

Prahou na kole map

I am pretty satisfied with the work I have done on the portal Prahou na kole and I am fortunate to collaborate with such disciplined editors who understand the importance of keeping content clean and neat.

And it was a pleasure to redesign their map controls as well.

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Let’s have a fun

Well, we all know that story… But it is hard to pass on the message right.

Project “Nakrmte Auto*Mat” (“Feed Auto*Mat) is basically a donation microsite, powered by simple HTML and CSS on one side and with robust Django on the other.

I just worked on the fun part.

Do práce na kole

Thanks to many reasons, I have been given the chance to redo, or build this website, for n times.
The design always fell into the claws of other designers and the only thing I could do was to make it work. :)

Nevertheless, this project has high attention and it is, as many other Auto*Mats projects a merge of WordPress and Django platforms. Lots of user administration.
I think you can imagine how much fun we have with it.