Na Ovoce

First came the e-shop

Few hacks and the e-shop suddenly looked like never before.

Second came the whole site with the map redesign

This was bit more fun as the design is little bit more complex but thanks to Katka well thought out.
The real icing on the cake become the map redesign witch kinda fell on my shoulders too. Fortunately the Django has meaningful template engine and the whole project is well done. Redesign of foreign code which is mostly a nightmare has in this case been just matter of time.

Work is not always about making money.
It is more about the people and the way how to help them
to find an accurate and cheap solution that suits their needs.
Although the more ideas come the more it costs, obviously.

  • eshop ~ Shoptet, 2046 / website ~ 2046 / map ~ Ondřej Nejedlý, 2046
  • Katka Kubánková