VersionPress 3.0 Released

I’m big fun of VersionPress versioning plugin. Those guys do incredible job and they just released its third version, which is basically production ready, well on simple sites, but still amazing work. It’s pity there are not many hostings with contemporary tools ready to be used .( Anyway, Versionpress 3 is up and this time even in public […]

How to get rid of the code mess – Timber & ACF

Back in the WordPress environment. It is a fourth website within this month I decided to use the Timber/Twig template engine and I must say it makes the work much more enjoyable and the result clean and the code nicely readable. The Twig syntax and logic makes so much sense to me. It is pleasure […]

2046 on Rails

What would you say? First Django and now Rails. Well why not, they share same concepts. and I must say that though it is cumbersome at first, it makes a lot of sense to me. Funny all these languages. .. way more than garrulous PHP.. I kinda start to dislike the PHP a lot.. I don’t […]

Learn the Flex box the frog way

Ever wondered why all the content under the flex box behaves like frogs to a gun shoot? There is no better and more entertaining way how to figure it out than with frogs >

I’m impressed

I’m impressed. Wagtail and it’s StreamFields is one of the rocking feature I would love to see under the fingers of my clients. It would make the otherwise dirty HTML  contents more bearable for me as a programmer for clients as editors and definitely loved by viewers knowing nothing how the rich content has been done […]