Zachraň – nice and tidy

Oki, lets show off a bit..

I’ve just finished new website. Though I haven’t designed the website, the transformation from the picture to a working interactive graphic is ..ehm, my work… I mean all the custom coding ;)
The web runs on WordPress as usual and the front-end scaffold part is nicely done in Bootstrap, obviously ;)

The result looks nice and tidy don’t you think?

Zachraň jídlo

Count even more precisely

Some people are crazy about character numbers while their write their stories. They do not want to know the actual sum of letters only but also count number of letters partially.


Download the  Wordpress plugin “Content character count live” from repository.

Character count live plugin WP 4+ ready

WordPress updated tineMCE editor from version 3 to 4. Which brings backwards incompatibility. The Character count live plugin live reflects that as well. Now compatible with last WordPress.

Responsive background images

Responsivity is a big issue nowadays with all the phone users browsing your website rather than taking their laptop here and there.

We all know how to use responsive images already, that is not that big issue if you don’t check this post on CSS tricks out. But what if you need responsive background images, well even that is not that big issue, for more check this out on Smashingmagazine. But!
What if you need dynamically defined background images? We can’t define all the possible background images for all possible divs we might have now and then in the bare CSS file beforehand.

Why do we need dynamically defined images?


The revolution is on its way – VersionPress

Bit earlier but I’m back from the 4th Czech WordPress conference.

What I have seen there will have a similar impact to what plugins had to WordPress. The versioning system for WordPress on nearly one click the VersionPress.
It might seems like stupid nothing, but this nothing is a whole new level in proper versioning for developers and new level for common users in backup process. Finally a tool that has been missing since the beginning. Moreover this tool is based on not less than Git system which makes the whole process even more meaningful.

Big thumb up guys, this will make our life much much easier.

Once again check it out VersionPress.