Easy framework is out. Simple portfolio recovered.

As I have been teaching recently the WordPress again, I kinda missed my old simple theme I made for such cases. I figured that I have totally abandoned it and so I put it back to my menu.. you can download it here.

Being in the world of colorful and functional words I have decided to make another theme framework (Easy framework) based on widget areas. This one is ideal in conjunction with the Easy plugin.


Seams like Easy has been useful to you ..how nice number of downloads :) 9.099
Keep going, it’s Easy.

WordPress › Easy « WordPress Plugins

Easy 0.8.6 – 0.9 improvements

Easy becomes more than handy tool. Building the website with Easy has many advantages.
One of them is the lack PHP errors while you building the website. Easy won’t show any error, there are no errors. Yes some bricks might produce unexpected result if you don’t know how to use it. But it will not ruin your website as the wrong coding can. In the worst scenario it just won’t receive what you want, that’s all.
Plus the ability to drag the content from place to place is just so comfortable.


Bootstrap 3 – Easy way

Those who use my Easy WordPress Loop widget builder and even those who used my previous version “2046′s loop widget” knows that from the very beginning I have been emphasizing the Bootsrap scaffolding structure. Bootstrap is the most contemporary template framework, that lets you build the web in an instant. Once you get used to the basic structures you wont be able to work without it. It just makes so much sense.


WordPress wizard – wp-cli

Managing WordPress is pretty easy. The easy install process in most cases through “one click installs” let us run WordPress in no time.
Installing plugins if you know which you need ideally have them marked as favorites on the WordPress.org makes it even easier.